Training plans

As I mentioned in my recent(ish) life update, I'm aiming to do a 10k at the end of September. I did one at the beginning of July, and I trained really well for it mostly, until my sore foot put me out for four weeks. I still did better than expected given the time off, … Continue reading Training plans

I'm really not sure how two weeks have passed since I last posted - I think time has somehow sped up. I guess in that time I've been to a hen do, had my brother in law and his girlfriend to stay, and (kind of excitingly) seen a podiatrist about my foot pain.  So yes, … Continue reading

Life update

Somehow my recent posts all seem to revolve around running again, so I figured it's time for a bit of a life update.  Work is great. I love the people I work with, it's a really pleasant working environment, and most of the customers are nice. The work is interesting as it's all new, and … Continue reading Life update

Injury alert

Well, it's not great news from the doctor (although I guess it could have been much worse). He's diagnosed metatarsalgia, which is pain in the ball of the foot, and recommended resting for three to four weeks. I'm not exactly happy about resting (I'm pretty gutted to be honest), but if it helps I'll do … Continue reading Injury alert