I’m really not sure how two weeks have passed since I last posted – I think time has somehow sped up. I guess in that time I’ve been to a hen do, had my brother in law and his girlfriend to stay, and (kind of excitingly) seen a podiatrist about my foot pain. 

So yes, the foot pain. I decided it was worth paying to see a specialist podiatrist (I got a recommendation from my local running store). He was very knowledgeable, demonstrated why I was getting the pain, explained the science behind it all and yes, recommended orthotics. 

Basically I am pronate moderately, which often isn’t a problem. However, in my feet, this (combined with apparently flat arches) is stopping me having much movement in my big toes. This is therefore transferring pressure to my next toe along, and it turns out my second and third toes are slightly webbed (it’s slight, I’d never noticed though I see it now). This means whatever my second toe does, my third toe pretty much does as well. The pressure is therefore affecting both of these toes, causing unnatural movement in them, which in turn is causing the pain in the ball of my foot. 

In addition, the lack of movement in my big toes means my arches aren’t working in quite the way they’re meant to, which is also causing slight pain. 

Orthoses will lift the back of my foot (note that they are not providing arch support, as this wouldn’t resolve the movement problem), helping my foot to pronate less, thus allowing more movement in my big toes and taking that from the other toes. This will then hopefully stop the pain. 

I booked in for casting for orthotics, but did some research and contacted the podiatrist with questions to make sure I was doing the right thing (they aren’t cheap). He was incredibly nice about this, called me and answered my questions, actually pleased that I’d done my research. 

I had the casts made this week and should have my insoles in a few weeks. Here’s what the casts look like:

In the meantime I’m still running, but I’m being very careful, wearing the gel pad as that seems to help, and doing plenty of stretching. 

I’m eyeing a couple of 10ks in autumn, so training towards those – more on that another time though!


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