Life update

Somehow my recent posts all seem to revolve around running again, so I figured it’s time for a bit of a life update. 

Work is great. I love the people I work with, it’s a really pleasant working environment, and most of the customers are nice. The work is interesting as it’s all new, and whilst I expect I’ll get bored of it after a while, my line manager is already talking about getting me involved in more higher level tasks, and getting clearance to manage a few things, so I expect to be happy in this role for a while at least. 

I’ve also cleared my uni course with work, so I should be able to take Wednesdays off (I work quite a few Saturdays) or leave a bit early to get to uni. I’m excited about my course but enjoying the free time whilst I can!

Running is going quite well, so that also makes me happy. I don’t have loads of free time between work, running, early nights (since I run early morning) and getting stuff done around the house and garden, but I enjoy being busy and I’m really happy. 

Having recently read Gretchen Rubin’s ‘The Happiness Project‘, I’m trying my own six month happiness project. 

This month I’m making an effort to feel like I have more energy (even when I don’t!). When my husband asks how I am after work, I refuse to say ‘tired’ in response. I’m slowly decluttering all my stuff, which feels great, I’m trying to remember to take vitamins. I’m also following one of Gretchen Rubin’s ideas, which is if something is going to take less than a minute, you just do it – don’t put it off. 

Seriously, read this book. It’s excellent, and not at all self help-y – just an experience that will give you great ideas. 

I’m planning to do a 10k at the end of September so I have time to train, and in the meantime I have plans to see friends and family, a hen do, a wedding, and hopefully plenty more gardening and running. 

Life is good!


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