Back to running (sort of)

The time finally arrived, and on Saturday I trotted off to parkrun for my first run in three weeks. I was planning to take it very gently and just see how I felt. 

Helpfully, there were pacers this weekend, so I figured I’d stick with the 30 minute pacer – not super slow, but definitely easy. I dutifully followed her for a lap (the course is four laps), however she was running with a dog who kept stopping, so she was frequently stopping then catching up to pace again. I found this annoying as it really disrupted my rhythm, so I decided to just keep going. 

It wasn’t really hard, but I could feel that I was making a bit of an effort. I did end up running faster than I’d intended, but it was pretty comfortable really. My foot has a slight niggle but really nothing too bad. Result!

Almost. I spent the rest of the day wandering around Harrogate with a friend who was visiting, and had a really lovely time. However, I stupidly chose to wear Converse all afternoon, and they’re not the most cushioned footwear. After lots of walking, my foot was pretty sore. 

The next morning it wasn’t too bad though, so I stuck my gel cushion in my running shoe and headed out with my friend for a jog. It was a super slow 30 minutes, plus another 30 minutes walking, but my foot was fine. We then spent the day walking around York (this time in comfy North Face trainers with a gel cushion) and all was good!

Unfortunately, I have a cold now and I don’t think running outside in the rain would be especially sensible, so I’ve mostly been doing yoga this week. I will be taking my 10km run on Sunday gently, and finding one in a few months to target for time. 

For now though, at least I can run again!


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