Injury alert

Well, it’s not great news from the doctor (although I guess it could have been much worse). He’s diagnosed metatarsalgia, which is pain in the ball of the foot, and recommended resting for three to four weeks. I’m not exactly happy about resting (I’m pretty gutted to be honest), but if it helps I’ll do it. He’s also suggested orthotic insoles, as I apparently have quite flat feet. The plan for tomorrow’s lunch hour is to go to a running shop and find out more. 

I’ve already done one week of resting, so I’m hoping after two more I’ll be able to do a couple of gentle runs, then still do my 10km run the first weekend of July. I’ve also found another 10km run I’d like to do in August, as I definitely won’t be at the top of my game for the first one. 

Yesterday I made myself a plan for the next two weeks for keeping active. It mostly consists of using the exercise bike for cardio, some strength (which will be good as I tend to neglect it) and some yoga. 

So not all bad – at least I can do some form of training. Roll on the return to running though!


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