Running Update

For the last eight weeks or so, I’ve been following a 10km training plan I found in Runners World’s Complete New Guide to Women’s Running. I decided (probably somewhat stupidly) to follow the intermediate plan, on the basis that I knew I could run 10km and wanted to try for a good time. For the most part, the plan involves running four times a week and cross training once a week. The runs include easy runs, long runs, threshold/interval runs and hill runs. 

I will say right away that I have nit managed to follow the plan to the letter. Many weeks I’ve only run three times, hill runs (which fall on Saturdays on the plan) were replaced with parkrun (which admittedly does involve running up a hill four times for me), and sometimes I’ve been exhausted and decided to rest. 

On top of that, I also seem to have some kind of foot injury that makes the ball of me left foot hurt when there’s pressure on it – so most of the time. I did try taking a few days off running, and I thought it got better, but it didn’t. I’m on my feet a lot during the day so that most likely didn’t help. I’m off to the doctors tomorrow to get it checked out so I just have to wait and see. Perhaps moronically, I have carried on running until this week, but that’s because a) I love running and b) it doesn’t hurt when I run! This last weekend though I ran a lot for me, and also walked loads, so it was pretty sore by the end of Sunday. I’m shattered this week, and on a training course so I’m on my feet less, so it seemed like a good time to give my foot a break and hopefully let whatever the problem is, heal. 

In general though, running has been going well. I’m enjoying it (though I still hate intervals and training at threshold), my new parkrun PB is 25:13, and my longest run is now 9.4 miles. I’m really pleased with how that’s going. That said, I’ve done some easy runs that have felt anything but easy, my legs have felt heavy, I’ve felt very, very tired. So definitely time to rest. 

I’m good news, I have snazzy new running shoes!

I realised when my foot first started hurting that my trainers weren’t actually bought for running and therefore maybe weren’t designed for running. I went to a few different shops, tried on quite a few pairs and settled on Brooks Ravenna 8s. They have lots of support, and they’re really comfy, so I’m very pleased with them. 

I also feel like a more serious runner now, as I bought a hydration belt. Knowing that I was going to run longer distances, and that the weather can be warm this time of year, I knew I’d need to hydrate partway through. For a while, I’d planned my long run routes to pass by the house or car (if I’d gone elsewhere to run) so I could stop for a sip of water and a bite of an energy bar. However, I was planning to run in Gateshead where I was staying with a friend and wouldn’t have either! I purchased a Nathan hydration belt, after trying various types of belt on (again and again). I knew I didn’t want a hydration backpack and definitely didn’t want to carry something in my hand, so a belt was my best option. I love this belt – it’s super comfy, has two small bottles and holders and a small zip pouch. It’s perfect for carrying a few sweets or energy bites, and if my run isn’t long enough to warrant much water, I can leave one bottle at home. 

So there you go. I’m loving running, but we’ll see what the doctor says tomorrow about my foot. 


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