Catch up

So it’s been a while.

Basically, I started my new job and have hardly had enough time to post since then. Life is busy, but good.

I’m now working as a customer service advisor in a bank, and I love it. I get to speak to lots of customers every day, I’m learning lots, and the people I work with are great. It’s such a nice, supportive atmosphere, and the manager succeeds in managing the branch and being part of the team at the same time, which is awesome. It makes such a change from where I was previously – thank goodness!

It does mean I now need to fit my life around work (I know, what a shocker). I’ve mostly been making it work – running or cross training happens primarily before work, as I know I’m too tired when I get back. On the days I don’t run or train, I usually get up and do some yoga. At lunchtimes, i get out for a short walk to get some fresh air and move my feet a bit, and have the advantage of being near shops so I can have a mooch around or pick up anything I need. Once I get home, I get on with house/garden stuff, food prep, all that type of thing, before spending a bit of time on the sofa after dinner watching TV or reading. I’m out a bit longer than I was in my previous job (due to my old job being ten mintues walk from my house), but not too much longer – and it’s worth it.

After almost three weeks in my new job, I’ve managed to settle into a pretty good routine I think. That said, I’ve been extraordinarily busy with random plans as well – visiting friends in London one weekend, meeting up with old work friends, seeing a musical a friend was in, having friends round for dinner and board games, and just this weekend having my in-laws here to help us in the garden. I’ve mostly fit in my 10km training around that as well, so I’m feeling tired but pretty proud.

Unfortunately I seem to have picked up a (hopefully) minor foot injury, so I’m not running for a few days. Last Wendesday I noticed that the ball of my left foot felt bruised. I was supposed to do a acceleration run on Thursday (10 mins easy, 10 steady, 10 at threshold), but having had a late night on Tuesday for the musical, and an early start on Wednesday for cross training, I decided to sleep instead (and give my foot a break). Friday was a rest day anyway, then Saturday was supposed to be a 5km time trial, which I was going to do at parkrun. My foot felt okay by this point, so I went, and went out as hard as I could. I got a new PB (25:13 – getting there) but my foot has been worse since. It did take a bit of a hammering on the pavements as I ran hard, so I decided to skip my Sunday long run.

I went with being sensible and did some cross training on the bike during the week instead, and hunted for some new running shoes. I had suddenly realised that my running shoes, which I bought some time ago, actually weren’t bought with running in mind – and that they therefore probably weren’t the best thing to wear now that I’m running slightly longer distances (and harder paces). After trying a few different shops and brands, I went with Brooks Ravennas from Up and Running. They’re quite snazzy and super comfy, and have a bit of extra support in (which, I was told in two separate shops, I should have as I over-pronate slightly). Whether needing additional support for over-pronation is a thing or not, they are very comfortable. I went for a 20 minute slow jog yesterday after wearing them around the house for a bit, then today wore them to parkrun. I took it nice and easy, with a time of just under 33 minutes – I was happy with how easy that felt though given the heat!

Tomorrow will be my first long run in a couple of weeks, but I’m really looking forward to it! I’ve just received some Tribe bars I ordered as well, so hoping to try something out – watch this space.

Oh, and I almost forgot – I got a place on my uni course!


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