My Favourite Podcasts

When I run or go for a walk, I tend to listen to podcasts (except for at parkrun for some reason). Here are some of my favourites:

The West Wing Weekly

This is my absolute favourite podcast ever. It’s presented by Joshua Malina, who was in the West Wing (from season four onwards), and Hrishikesh Hirway, who is a music producer and huge West Wing fan. Each podcast episode covers an episode of The West Wing (in general, the odd episode is split over two podcasts), and they discuss the episode, the themes, the acting, what they liked and didn’t, the relevance to politics today – all sorts. They play off each other brilliantly, which makes for great listening. They also have super interesting guests, from the actors in The West Wing, to people who worked behind the scenes, to Aaron Sorkin himself, to people who work in politics in the real world. It is probably the best thing since The West Wing. If you like The West Wing, you absolutely have to listen to this podcast.

Serial Season One

Serial is pretty well known by now. Sarah Koenig goes through a case whereby a teenager was convicted of killing his ex girlfriend in the nineties, however the evidence against him is far from conclusive. She goes through different aspects of the case, doing her own research and talking to people involved (including the convict) to try to work out whether he is guilty or not. What I like about it is that because there’s no conclusive evidence either way, you really just have to make your mind up. I didn’t get into the second season at all, as there was no question regarding season two’s case about what had happened, it focussed more on whether the deserter was right or not.


I’m only on episode five of this, but I’m really enjoying it. The presenters talk through the corrupt state of Providence, Rhode Island, and how the mayor and organised crime all co-existed and opposed each other. The episodes are only thirty minutes long, so they’re perfect for my short runs!

Whole & Healthy Live

Laura and Kezia tackle various topics relating to health, mostly based on their personal experience. It’s not medical advice, as they’re not scientists or qualified dieticians, but it’s interesting hearing their personal takes on various issues and they do have some good suggestions. If nothing else, it’s nice to know that you’re not alone and other people have the same issues and feel the same way!

Don’t Salt My Game

Laura Thomas PhD is a qualified nutritionist, with many research projects behind her. Her podcast covers various topics related to health and nutrition, and features guests who are usually research scientists so you know that the information you’re being given has a proper scientific background. They are super interesting and really worth a listen.


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