My Core Desired Feelings

I’ve previously shared my review of The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte and gone into a little bit of detail about determining your Core Desired Feelings (CDFs). The idea is that you work through some exercises to really pinpoint how you want to feel, coming up with three to five CDFs, then when planning your days and weeks, considering whether each thing you’re considering doing, or have been asked to do, will move you towards feeling your CDFs, or take you away from them. Ideally, you would do things that will help you get closer to your CDFs, and do less of those that won’t.

Anyway, whilst I’ve talked about my CDFs, I realised I hadn’t actually shared what mine are. I think it is probably useful to go through them, as they will bring more meaning to what I do and why I do things as I’m on this journey to becoming my best me.

So without further ado, my Core Desired Feelings are:

  • energy
  • at ease
  • joy
  • adventure
  • conscious

I’ll go through them one by one to explain why I’ve chosen these.

Energy – this is fairly self-explanatory, I want to feel like I have tonnes of energy, waking up refreshed every morning and like I can’t wait to leap out of bed and start my day. For me, this also infers feeling a certain amount of excitement about my day and my life in general.

At ease – this one is a bit more complex. It doesn’t mean staying in my comfort zone and not taking on any challenges, but rather that I want to feel at ease in myself and in my own skin. I don’t want to have that ‘icky’ feeling about what I’m doing. I’m happy for work to be difficult, challenging and to be out of my comfort zone, but I don’t want to have that feeling that something’s wrong. It also suggests feeling happy with my body and who I am.

Joy – this seemed a bit more specific than ‘happy’, but I’m struggling to put it into words. I went through quite a few similar words (happy, content…) before settling on ‘joy’. All I can really say is that it just felt right.

Adventure – I feel like I’ve lost my sense of adventure and spontaneity a bit since settling down, buying a house etc, so I want to get it back! Travelling, saying ‘yes’ to things before completely considering their implications, spontaneous trips, new places, trying out new things (such as when I went climbing, and tried aerial yoga) – all sorts.

Conscious – I’m trying to be more conscious of the world around me, of the environment, of the impact my life has on the world. I’d like to switch to fully natural toiletries, either by making them if I can find something I like, or by switching brand. I’m also trying to be more aware of sustainability of ‘things’, and considering the values ‘things’ have on my life. I’m hoping I might be able to have a year where I buy no clothes, as I don’t think I should need any (maybe some running gear as birthday presents though!) and if I do buy clothes, I’d like to buy from sustainable, ethical companies.


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