Miracle Morning – One Week In

For the last week, I’ve been doing Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning every morning straight after getting up. My Miracle Morning routine is described here, although it has differed slightly from day to day – instead of yoga and pilates, I went for a walk one morning and went for a run another morning.

I can’t quite say that I’ve had the same spectacular results each day that I had the first day I did this, but I guess that’s probably to be expected! I’ve also been a bit tired and run down this week, and had terrible stomach cramps that have left me sluggish, so getting things done sometimes took a back seat to just resting.

However, I’ve done way more than I would have done this week otherwise. Last Friday evening, before I started this, I wrote two lists: one of things I absolutely had to do this week (send a birthday present, attend a dermatology appointment, return a library book) and a second list of things I wanted to do this week (runs, clean the shower, mow the lawns etc). The second list was much longer than the first list, but I have got through almost everything on both lists, and I seriously doubt I would have done without doing the Miracle Morning.

The main things it gives me at the moment are a) helping me believe in myself and b) allowing me to visualise getting things done throughout the day, which then motivates me to actually do them.

I suspect as time goes on, it will help more with my career as well, but I’m not really in a place at the moment where that’s going to happen.

I do find that sometimes I just want a super lazy morning, so in future I might plan not to do it every Saturday and Sunday. I think I’ll still do it most weekends, but maybe every so often I’ll have one off.

It will be interesting to see how things progress as I keep going with this. I certainly intend to keep doing it, so watch this space for further progress reports!


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