Miracle Mornings?

Somehow, my blog seems to have turned into a bit of a running blog over the last few posts. There’s no denying that it’s become an important part of my life recently, but my blog is supposed to be about my journey, figuring out who I am (and want to be), what I want from life, and how I’m going about adding more of what I want into my life. Running is undoubtedly a part of that, but by no means the whole of it.

Each day I revisit my core desired feelings to remind myself of how I want to feel, and I try to incorporate a few things into my day that help me feel that way. These could be yoga, playing a board game with my husband, gardening, a walk, a run, a sewing project, seeing friends, planning trips, chatting baseball with my husband – all sorts.

One thing I’ve found with having lots of free time at the moment is that it’s so easy to waste it! I’m trying to find a balance between being productive and enjoying lazy moments whilst I can, but I seem to be a bit all or nothing. I’m hoping this weekend I might be able to plan next week loosely to make an attempt to introduce some balance. I have a good few chores I need to do, and several things I really want to do, so hopefully I’ll be able to put them into some kind of sensible order and achieve something that feels comfortable.

I’ve just finished reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, which was interesting and which I’m going to try to implement. The premise is that you wake up a bit earlier than normal, and take the time to do several activities that will help you develop as a person, with the aim of improving your life in whatever ways you have chosen.

The activities are known as Life SAVERS:

  • Silence – some kind of meditation, deep breathing – basically a bit of quiet time
  • Affirmations – going over some affirmations you have created for yourself based on what you want to accomplish
  • Visualisation – visualising how your day will go, what you will have achieved at the end of the day, and even visualising your future
  • Exercise – as it sounds! Anything counts
  • Reading – taking time to actually make sure you read a few pages (or more) of your chosen book
  • Scribing – writing something – this could be a book, journalling, anything really.

Some of the above are already part of my morning routine, for example I do yoga almost every morning, and I write a few lines in my journal each morning (at least on weekdays) as well, but I’m interested to see whether incorporating the other activities and having a more specific focus will make a difference to how I live my life.

I found the book a little abstract, in that the examples of where the miracle morning had worked for people mostly involved them saying it had changed their lives, but didn’t explain how it had changed their lives. That said, I suppose it’s personal anyway depending on what you want to change and accomplish, so maybe concrete examples aren’t useful anyway.

Before you start, you can download free resources from Hal’s website, including the ’30 day life transformation challenge fast-start kit’ and do a few exercises. This helps you determine what you want to focus on so that you have your affirmations, visualisations etc in place when you start your miracle morning. I intend to do this tonight, then start the miracle morning properly tomorrow. I am going to admit, I’m not sold on it yet. I can see the potential of it, and I will also accept that it might need tweaking and honing to make it work for me. Right now though, I’m just not sure whether reading a few pages every morning will make a huge difference to my life, but I’m prepared to give it a go. Watch this space for my thoughts and progress!


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